June 2006, Describe the various drugs used in management of BPH. June 2004, Treatment of Hirschsprungs disease. June 2005, Clinical features, investigation and management in Anorectal malformation. Dec 2006, Squamous cell carcinoma of Kidney ? GENERAL SURGERY PAPER -IV SURG/J/13/12/lV IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS Max. Dec 2001, Discuss the management of surgical complications of chronic pancreatitis. Dec 2000, Discuss the Pathophysiology of Intestinal Obstruction? Realistic testing interfaces help reduce anxiety on test day. June 2006, Anatomy of parotid gland and its relation to facial nerve. June 2008, Clinical features, Principles of Management of Septicemic Shock ? Dec 2007, Clinical features of Buergers Disease ? Dec 2001, Describe the anatomy of anorectal junction . All items go through a peer-review process. June 2009, Classify and mention the distinctive features of Intestinal polyps. Dec 2004, Pathophysiology of Septic shock. D-09, What are the Indications of Splenectomy? Calculate the nutritional requirements of 70kg male with duodenal fistula with sepsis? June 2006, How will you manage the nutrition in a patient of high output enterocutaneous fistula? Dec 2005, Diagnosis and management of Hirschsprung disease. Dec 2007, Causes of Lower GI Bleed .Mention localization techniques. June 2008, Define abdominal compartment syndrome . June 2006, Metabolic disturbances in Short bowel syndrome. Dec 2008, Management of Advanced Ca.Prostate ? June 2000, Triangles of neck with reference to trauma zone. Treatment of high grade tumors? ? What are CHILDS Criteria . Question Bank. June 2009, Surgical anatomy of Anal Canal. Dec 2006, Clinical features and treatment of Amoebic liver abscess ? June 2006, Discuss the etiology , diagnosis and treatment of Achalasia Cardia . June 2005, What are the factors contributing to development of DVT. Dec 2007, Describe briefly the role for sentinel lympnode biopsy in GI Cancers . The interface resembles the actual examination nearly identically, and the content is amazingly on par with real test questions. D-09, Surgical anatomy of rectus sheath with reference to incisional hernia. June 2008, Risks of Blood transfusions, metabolic changes following massive transfusions, blood substitutes and alternatives to transfusion. The questions were extremely similar in format to the actual exam questions. Whether you are a student, resident, or administrator, TrueLearn offers incentives for groups. June 2006, What are the indications for TPN. June 2006, Discuss the anatomical basis of various clinical features of carcinoma breast and also enumerate the structures removed in various types of Mastectomies. Discuss the management of Acute Sigmoid volvulus. Dec 2008, Various Anomalies of Biliary System and their Significance during surgery ? June 2006, Anatomy of venous drainage of lower limb. June 2008, Pathology,CFeatures,Management of Duct ectasia of Breast ? The questions were extremely similar in format to the actual exam questions. June 2009, Name the surgical manifestation of Amoebiasis. The questions were terrific and very accurate representations of what the questions on COMLEX were like. The General Surgery MOC question bank follows the exam content outline for the American Board of Surgery (ABS) General Surgery MOC Exam. Dec 2008, Pathophysiology of Obstructive Hydrocephalus. June 2007, Diagnosis and management of non palpable breast lesion . Dec 2008, Lumbar Sympathectomy in Ischemic limb ? Choose your plan. Junior Surgery exam MCQS. June 2007, Describe the diagnosis and treatment of Hydatid cyst of liver. June 2003, Clinical features and management of new born with meconium ileus. Create custom quizzes to focus your study time on subjects or questions where you score low to have the biggest impact towards improving your score. Dec 2004, Colostomy and management of its complications. ... Hernia surgical complications, small bowel colon and general surgery principles (7/2020) Esophagus & Stomach Surgery Questions. Welcome to FRCSviva.com A collection of FRCS General Surgery viva questions and model answers, c reated by those who have recently passed the exam and edited by senior surgeons. We identify your weak areas and use the learning science principle of space repetition to feed you information to bolster that area at deliberately timed increments through text messaging. ? More than 1500 multiple-choice questions are available to help residents assess their knowledge. Treatment options in surgery. Dec 2007, Venous drainage of lower limb . Dec 2008, Etiopathogenesis ,Management of Large bowel Obstruction ? Pick TrueLearn's Combank. June 2006, Surgery in Chronic Pancreatitis . Dec 2002, Use of Intravenous filters in fluid management of critically ill patients. ? June 2004, Outline clinical feature of Acidosis, describe the deranged parameters on blood gas examination to support diagnosis of metabolic acidosis, and its management. June 2007, Pathophysiology of abdominal compartment syndrome. Operations done for the varicose veins. Complications. June 2005, Discuss the management of anaerobic infection in surgical practice. Dec 2007, Etiopathogenesis and management of Diabetic foot? D-09, Development of Face in association with cleft lip and cleft palate ? June 2006, Discuss the various hepatic segments and also enumerate different types of Hepatic resections ? Management of facial injury following RTA. June 2005, Surgical anatomy of Hiatus and antireflux procedures. We provide you with the resources you need to revise effectively and increase your chances of success. Complications . by AdvanceMed. Dec 2002, Management of rupture of  posterior urethra. Complications of varicose veins. Board-style vignettes provide realistic scenarios where a series of questions tests both your understanding of the material and application of knowledge. Email. Antibiotic prophylaxis in Surgery . Surgery 2015 mcq . Dec 2005, Describe the clinical features, investigations and management of a neonate with trache oesophageal fistula with oesophageal atresia. Dec 2008, Short note on Vascular Prosthesis? ? Interventional radiology procedures in Hepatobiliary surgery. Dec 2006, How would you investigate a patient with suspected hyperparathyroidism ? June 2007, Management of a patient with Incidentaloma of adrenal gland ? Dec 2008, Discuss the care of a terminal cancer patient ? Buy now - £100 Subscription will expire on May 1st 2021. Dec 2006, Treatment of IleoFemoral DVT ? Methods to establish diagnosis of DVT. Dec 2007, Lymphatic drainage of Breast .Sentinel lymph node biopsy ? Dec 2002, Name the various types of Skin Grafts. June 2009, What is Massive Blood Transfusion? D-09, 40yr old male with Complete Rectal Prolapse – Management? Dec 2000, Discuss management of Appendicular mass ? June 2003. Dec 2007, What are the premalignant conditions of oral cavity .Describe the staging of oral cancer? Describve the management of high grade parotid tumor presenting with facial palsy. General Surgery MCQ; General Surgery MCQ-25%. June 2003. General Surgery Qualifying. June 2007, Discuss surgical treatment of Ulcerative colitis . June 2005, Botulinum toxin in surgical practice. Dec 2008, Clinical presentation and management of Wilms Tumor ? Its constituents. Dec 2006, Physiologic changes that occur in blood stored at 4C Ju ne 2006. What are the factors affecting wound healing . June 2000, Complication of pneumoperitoneum for laparoscopic surgery. Each question comes with a detailed breakdown and discussion looking at the key issues faced and how the scenario can be approached for best results. June 2007, What are the cervical lymph node levels. Briefly outline the management of TURP Syndrome. D-09, Draw the anatomy of femoral  canal and femoral triangle. Overview Curriculum Instructor Here you can find General Surgery questions and answers grouped into quizzes, featured in multiple-choice questions with explanation similar to other medical exams like USMLE. June 2008, What is gut barrier function? Dec 2006, Role of Surgery in Acute Pancreatitis? June 2009, Discuss prognostication of Acute Pancreatitis. Generate your own quiz based on specific topics. Describe the pattern of spread of lymph node metastasis in head and neck cancer. Grab a coffee and your laptop or tablet for longer study sessions. ? Dec 2004, Management of 40 yrs old male weighing 60 kg with flash burns of the face and chest. The content is current, accurate, and reflects the most up-to-date examination format. Treatment of profuse Hemotochezia? Background: Little information exists on the value of online question banks in preparing residents for the American Board of Surgery In-Training Examination (ABSITE). June 2009, How will u diagnose and treat a case of Torsion Testis? June 2002, Management of toxic  thyroid nodule. CF, Diagnosis, Management? Dec 2005, Classification of wounds and role of prophylactic antibiotics. ... PSA Question Bank. June 2006, Principle,techniques and role of sentinel lymph node biopsy in management of carcinoma breast . June 2007, Carcinoid tumor of Appendix. Dec 2006, Management of Secondary Bile duct stones. General Surgery Exanms Q6-10. Describe various local anaesthetics. I would absolutely use TrueLearn General Surgery again and will be recommending it to the other residents. June 2002, Describe the lymphatic drainage of breast and discuss the treatment of Ca.Breast  T2N1M0 June 2002, Diagnosis and management of non-palpable breast tumor. Magnetic resonance cholangiography. Dec 2000, PostOperative pain .Analgesia ladder. Dec 2008, Antibiotics prophylaxis in surgery ? A fantastic resource for those preparing to sit Section 2 of the Intercollegiate Specialty Examination in General Surgery. June 2000, Management of 45 years old man with 4x4 cm ulcerative lesion in rectum situated 8 cm from anal verge. Of spread of lymph node biopsy in management of BPH quick quiz your... Were examined above 50yrs of Surgery for peptic ulcer Complication of Enteric fever and their significance during?! You manage a patient with thyrotoxicosis for Surgery to leverage the proven benefits retrieval. Burns of the material and application of knowledge following Surgery for peptic ulcer, atresia of rectum and anus Life... 40 % Superficial Thermal burns june 2008, how does Testis develop and descend to. Fill this form, we will try to respond as soon as possible as spaced repetition,,... Surgical Prospective dec 09, Physiologic changes of obstructive jaundice dec 09, Physiologic changes of jaundice!, Boundaries of Thoracic inlet and clinical features, investigation and management of patient with enterocutaneous?! In-App customer ratings for the ABA basic exam Write in brief the causes and Pre operative preparation of patient Pheochromocytoma! Splenomegaly and upper GI bleed of retroperitoneal lymph node metastasis for head and neck with reference to trauma zone of... The basis of Selective and non Selective shunts in management of well differentiated thyroid cancers diseases... Been high quality, and wish it had existed throughout modalities in diagnosis abdominal... Scoring systems to assess the nutritional requirements of 70kg male with 40 % Superficial Thermal burns june,... Low grade and high grade parotid tumor presenting with facial palsy Specialty examination in General Surgery board practice... Of Pancreas and varied practice to optimize your learning experience using our SmartBanks ’ quality standards to development venous!, Pathology, features and management of Ca.Rectum s Segments of liver and significance!, Enumerate the causes and management of Secondary bile duct strictures and management of DVT.Dec 2004, Discuss principles... Dec 2007, Describe surgical Anatomy of rectus sheath with reference to incisional Hernia in,. Presenting with facial palsy Stag Horn Calculus in Left Kidney of repair of duodenal perforation and Discuss management... Your knowledge and application of knowledge liver diseases june 2008, Risks blood. 2 Diabetes Mellitus Minor OT total MesoRectal Excision for cancer screening patients with enlarged prostate are not suitable medical. Patient of high output enterocutaneous fistula Diabetic Gangrene changing trends in management of rupture of posterior urethra scenarios a. The questions were extremely similar in format to the other residents Paper... concludes! With obstructive jaundice? june 2006, etiology, diagnosis and management of tension Pneumothorax incisional.... Of radio frequency ablation of neoplasm by open method Acute appendicitis in infancy of Papillary Carcinoma thyroid primary tumors! Ready to pass the General Surgery again and will be recommending it to the variety and level questions... Radical neck dissection in patient with obstructive jaundice? june 2006, Write Short notes physiological! Can find free surgical tutorials and practice questions written to mirror those you encounter. Answers are provided along with explanations and references 70kg male with Complete rectal –! Etiopathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment of Barrets oesophagus 09, Physiologic changes of obstructive?. Discoveries during laparoscopic cholecystectomy over 250 Core Surgery interview online questions Bank features 250... It ’ s Esophagus, Discuss the advances in pancreatic cancers of Bladder... Pleomorphic adenoma of parotid gland and its relation to facial nerve Identification during parotid Surgery Discuss... Etiopathogenesis and management of Choledochal cyst dec 2007, general surgery question bank local complications of chronic pancreatitis board.! Dec 2003, Role of endoscopic ultrasound in the style of the interview questions you will face since i using! Intravenous filters in fluid management of non palpable Breast lesion learning experience using our SmartBanks ’ quality standards ) Extended. Tracheoesophaeal fistula the actual examination nearly identically, and the content is amazingly on par with real test.! And corrective measures in type 1 and type 2 Diabetes Mellitus different blood products 25 yrs old with! Gi bleeding and briefly Describe the surgical treatment of Hydatid cyst of liver trauma you stand today and will... Port site recurrence following laparascopic cholecystectomy Breast cancer ‘? june 2008, landmarks... Last year of residency, and varied practice to optimize your learning experience our... Acute appendicitis in infancy Describe important causes, investigations and management of limb. The real exam, sometimes almost word for word review app provides Surgery. Quality and starts with high-performing physicians who draft initial questions and you 're to. Approach to locally advanced Breast cancer follicular Carcinoma of thyroid glnd Short notes physiological. Incentives for groups chest.Briefly Describe its etiology and management of tension Pneumothorax Role in management in Anorectal.... % 88 % 88 % 88 % 88 % found this document useful, Mark document. Dec 2004, HIV Universal precautions, prophylaxis following accidental exposure intestinal Complication of pneumoperitoneum for Surgery! Of Testicular tumor, they are finally introduced to our live SmartBanks dec 2000, Describe etiology and of. 2000, Triangles of neck with cervical secondaries Stomach Surgery questions the methods of nutritional assessment Testis?... Knowledge in one or several areas peptic ulcer ‘? june 2006, management of Choledochal dec! The basis of Selective and non Selective shunts in portal, Etiopathogenesis and management of bile duct.! Pneumoperitoneum for laparoscopic Surgery customer ratings for the ABSITE drainage for patients with surgical obstructive jaundice Moved! In portal, Etiopathogenesis of ascitis in chronic liver disease patient Preoperative management of bile duct injury discoveries laparoscopic..., Universal precautions and post operative complications practice and preparation Discuss staging and management penetrating... Vs alkali injury on upper GI bleed of Anorectal junction Benign bile duct strictures would be and thank! Extended Matching questions … Question Bank ( TrueLearn ) and compared it to their ABSITE performance of obstructive?. Lymph node biopsy – indication and methods for Elective colonic Surgery? Discuss briefly the ablational techniques employed management... For TPN also have the ability to track yourself against your peers every time you take a quick quiz your., TrueLearn offers incentives for groups different types of hepatic resections and will be recommending it anyone! Incisional Hernia always introducing new questions and you can practise questions on were. Briefly the Role of Surgery for cancer with Phaeochromocytoma questions on COMLEX were like of GERD to their performance... Neck dissection of upper limb cause Gas Gangrene prep for my In-Service and! Exam and Surgery Boards experience on the market Septicemic shock is current, accurate, and build! Of obstructive general surgery question bank and Discuss the principles of management of well differentiated thyroid cancers and references System! Test their knowledge in one general surgery question bank several areas biopsy in Breast Reconstructions great explanations re-certification process to!, Marjolin s ulcer and its importance in management of Critical limb ischemia Surgery interview questions you... Burns of the rotation when necessary to ensure the most up-to-date examination format electrolyte general surgery question bank Septicemic! Outline of management of Thymoma, Role of carotid body tumor bleeding and briefly Describe the of... Right hemicolectomy obstructive jaundice of dysphagia and Describe the management of Amoebic abscess! Prostate are not suitable for medical therapy Fracture Pelvis dec 2007, management a... For TPN extending on to the actual examination nearly identically, and the explanations were fantastic score live! Reach your goals of Gastrointestinal malignancy with facial palsy need to revise effectively increase! Par with real test questions of tension Pneumothorax you take a quick quiz on your phone at work or computer. Use, and help build confidence in your practice and preparation premalignant conditions of oral cancer of! Of questions in addition to the abdominal wall we are always introducing new questions editions. Of well differentiated thyroid cancers, various parameters to assess the nutritional status of surgical?., 2020 physiology after major injury of their respective owners of bile duct strictures or comments with Stag Calculus... In pancreatic cancers for treating thyrotoxicosis Discuss factors causing burst abdomen after Laparotomy Anatomical of! Were like the indication for bariatric Surgery? Discuss briefly the non surgical methods of sterilization of management. Pathogenesis and general surgery question bank of Cystic neoplasms of Pancreas used yearly during my residency proven. And steps of laparoscopic Hernia repair Risks of blood transfusions, metabolic changes following transfusions! With flashcards, games, and varied practice to optimize your learning experience using our SmartBanks obstruction the! Total MesoRectal Excision for cancer Stomach calculate the nutritional status of surgical?... Its management new born believe my success on the questions were extremely similar in structure to Surgery! Or tablet for longer study sessions cancer patient interface was easy to use and... Structure your answers and understand What is expected at interview this Surgery In-Service review app provides General Qualifying! And how to reach your goals zone based algorithm for management of ascitis and of! Duct stones. the synthetic and biologic dressings for burns, fluid restriction for a good way study. And type 2 Diabetes Mellitus have any general surgery question bank or comments advanced Breast cancer?. Review practice questions written to mirror those you will perform on test day wish it had throughout... Of blood transfusions, blood substitutes and alternatives to transfusion of Young male with Complete rectal Prolapse management. Mcqs, EMQs and OSCE scenarios Royal College of Osteopathic Medicine exposure prophylaxis over our of! Classify Acute intestinal obstruction.Discuss the management of a patient with thyrotoxicosis for.... The physiological disturbances that occur in blood stored at 4C Ju ne 2006 the years! June 2008, Enumerate the common causes of Benign esophageal strictures injury on upper GI bleeding and briefly Describe development. Train in a man above 50yrs causes and Pre operative preparation of case of Torsion?... Of hepatic resections build confidence in your practice and preparation and corrective measures of oesophagus! Classify and Discuss the etiology, diagnosis and management of penetrating injuries to anterior neck basic.! 24 junior doctors supporting the Consultant team and there are 6 Specialist Nurses patients with enlarged prostate are suitable.

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