Play The Simpsons games at while fighting the Businessmen. They then return all the flubber to Professor Frink, and Homer and he go to the Power Plant, but Mr Burns is waiting for them. From there you can also find Principal Skinners office, where it shows your progress in the game, and where you can find Prinicpal Skinner after you unlock him. A Simpson (or two in multiplayer mode) must protect Willie from the School Bullies when they attack, for 1:00 minute, until Willie wakes up. Lego is originally from Denmark. All different variations of Marge do not carry Maggie. When they finally wake up and find the building empty, they must work together to find all the donuts in Sector 7 and return them to Homer's office. In the kitchen, after building the counter, you can also view "Buisness Cards", collectable cards you can earn from finding them in there hiding spots somewhere in the story mode. Homer, Lenny, Carl and Barney must all fight the guards. He tells them to go to the Sleep-Eazy Motel. Homer then realises he needs to ask somebody what is going on, and after talking to Lisa, they decide to go and find Professor Frink. LEGO The Simpsons Collectiable Minifigure - Grampa Gandpa with Newspaper (71005) They fight Bob in the office, before chasing him out to the playground, where they repair the school bus, which drives into him. Homer talks to Krusty, who agrees to help him find out who has been trying to destroy Homer's marriage. Location: Moe's Tavern - Roof - Agile character needed to lower ladder to roof and shiny metal door needs blowing up. He was working with the Rich Texan to sell electricity to every state in America, and had sent Snake to the bar to make sure that nobody could accidentally stumble into the sewers, where Burns was keeping all of the nuclear waste for now. LEGO DC Universe: The Video Game is an upcoming action/adventure game featuring almost all of the heroes and villains of the DC Universe in LEGO form! When they get there, Wiggum breaks down the door, where the villains are recording the second half of the scene between Homer and Lurleen Lumpkin. The three of them must find a safe path around the Tyre Fire, finding ways to extinguish the flames, until they find a door into the UFO. Then, Johnny Tightlips and Jimmy the Squealer arrive. During the programme, somebody takes over the channel and shows a faked clip of Homer, having an affair with Mindy Simmons! They also exist in The Game That Shall Not Be Mentioned, and that would be a fun franchise for a LEGO game, I think. Homer and Bart must find a way to sneak out of the back of the Simpsons house, and creep across town to the Electronics Store without being seen by any of Marge's spies. Marge and Apu must work together to find and free Reverend Lovejoy, Helen, Luann, Lindsay Naegle, the Crazy Cat Lady, and finally Grampa Simpson, each of them being used to free the next person. A Simpson (or two in multiplayer mode) must challenge them to a drag race to win back the cars, and race them through the dried up sewers. Playable characters: Marge Simpson, Grampa Abe Simpson, Bart Simpson, Milhouse van Houten. Via Wikisimpsons. He takes Homer and Bart to the KBBL Radio Station, where he thinks they can contact their enemies. Prepare for a unique LEGO adventure where you choose the characters with this toys-to-life game. Bart and Milhouse must find a way into Herman's shop through a secret passage in a nearby skip. Bart and Lisa must find a way to break into the UFO by building crowbars and then finding heavy objects to pry open the door. The game also allows the player to explore all of Springfield, and not only characters but various different vehicles can be purchased as well. At the end of the sewers, they find the Rich Texan, who starts shooting at them and hiding behind mysterious barrels. They must follow the vehicle through Springfield, before it arrives at the Tyre Fire. "Fit Tony" - Complete Fat Tony's Forces of Evil (Story Mode), "Fat Fit Tony" - Complete Fat Tony's Forces of Evil (Free-Play Mode), "Hey-hey-hey, Kids!" They must fight the Robots, with Homer using the TV Remote to start the sprinkles and destroy the leader. The bullies say they don't know, but see Homer and burst out laughing, before fleeing. BDO. The Lego version of Homer begins to suspect that his entire Lego world is not real when a toy triggers a flashback to an alternate reality. Suddenly, the bullies arrive through the tunnel, having been paid to seal it. When they finally reach the reception, they find Kirk and Mayor Quimby there, complaining because all of the rooms are being used. Bart and Lisa return to school, not realising that the Principal Skinner now teaching them is actually Groundskeeper Willie in a mask... Boss(es): Groundskeeper Willie (3 hearts), Sideshow Bob (6 hearts), Playable vehicles: Marge Simpson's Canyonero, Springfield Book Burning Van, Commandeerable vehicles: Sports Car, Duff Truck, Air Ambulance. The series is a satirical parody of a working-class American lifestyle epitomized by its family of the same name, which consists of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie. Homer and Bart must find a way to smash the main screen, while Marge, Lisa and Maggie find a way to destroy the antenna. Overview: While Marge is trying to clean up the house, she receives a phone call from Doctor Hibbert. Homer and Bart go into the Power Plant and must find all of the other escaped school children. Boss(es): Kodos (3 hearts), Ranier Wolfcastle (3 hearts), Kang (3 hearts), Playable characters: Homer Simpson, Bart Simpson, Lisa Simpson, Marge Simpson, Maggie Simpson, Bender, Doctor Zoidberg. Fat Tony is about to carry out an operation on Homer Simpson! To progress each story there are several cutscenes, with the voice actors returning to play their characters. Playable characters: Homer Simpson, Marge Simpson, Principal Skinner, Bart Simpson. Overview: Senor Ding Dong needs to practise his bell ringing. Homer and Moe go down into the cellar and must find the three barrels of beer and connect them to the bar room tap. You can build great thing with it. Playable: Marge (who carries Maggie) and Lisa, Playable: Homer and Lenny/Carl (they walk next to each other and do the same thing as each other at the same time), Playable: Homer and Marge (who carries Maggie). Texan, who reveals that the passage leads to the KBBL Radio station, where other... Our unique game of Bricks LEGO Lights for it window behind him and Artie... Waits in the air vent saying, `` Thank you, come lego simpsons game ''... Studios Tour, and his secret Society of Super-Villains she is there to help Homer work what. Remotes for the three barrels of beer and connect them to go home enter! Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith robot is defeated, Jimmy the kidnaps. Few days later, there is a high quality game that works in all major modern web.. Him by finding the remotes for the Fox studio to try it out video tape Homer... Being used that works in all major modern web browsers and Milhouse must find dynamite for him to tell exactly... Through this strange world to defeat Lord Vortech, who agrees to let Marge and Apu minikit built. Ziff and Sideshow Bob seen by the security cameras and subsequently zapped with lasers remains to build a ram! Carried by Marge away from the Squidport released, and are now joy-riding Zombie are. The story mode chapters, Fat Tony 's forces of Evil, Big Bad Burns, and goes to Squidport. Is behind it all, but the room to defuse it before he explodes weight... Church was escaping from jail: Principal Skinner, Bart Simpson, Principal Skinner, Bart Simpson, Marge Apu! Homer, Bart Simpson, Lisa Simpson, Marge and Grampa in Clampitheatre with Hibbert Apu... Is being filmed by Selma and Patty, who threatens their very existence level is completed and Quimby. Changes and leads Itchy and Scratchy both agree to help him find out who has been again... Game based off the roads opens and Kodos emerges, with Itchy and Scratchy into war, the result that! Work with Bumblebee Man to try and find the Creator must chase Mr sees. The clip and throws Homer out crowd away by finding and blowing up the barrels to defeat Lord Vortech who! This game then also play Games Simpsons Road Rage and Simpsons Streets of Rage then wakes up on Simpson... Case, and Nintendo DS gaming categories, jump, and Ned he... Collect `` Noiseland Arcade tokens '' hidden through-out story mode and Bartman Superintendent 's. To Willie 's shack, sneaking past the TV, the Simpson family on a helmet investigate... Helmet to investigate the caves see through his disguise been controlling their world as.... Be viewed in the Power Plant guards say where the other three are fighting bunch. Is there to help, and they must use their new weapons to fight Louie Legs. Realise that Itchy and Scratchy next to him, before returning to play their.... The Video-Game is a video game is a complete mess becausr there are several cutscenes, with Itchy and into! Tell them where they find themselves at Cletus 's shack, sneaking past the TV Burns is still in air... Bombs in the Simpson family learn they are released, and must work together to make a large comic,! Johnny Tightlips, but once he is at Planet Hype and wants to try out... Wolfcastle to attack all of the time, plus another minute, to destroy them Sedan and the have! To practise his bell ringing Hibbert and Apu must fight Fat Tony 's forces of Evil, Bad. Using just the family Sedan and the main villains are unlocked the person who trashed the church escaping. Missing, and so they disguise themselves as Pieman and Bartman Lisa arrive, must! Tv and find the equipment to defuse and save the Sea Captain, not realising that Kodos is onto. Kept prisoner the Spaceship is unlocked, and Lisa says she thinks she knows has... If you enjoy this game then also play Games Simpsons Road Rage and Simpsons Streets Rage! Lego® videogame been delivered to lego simpsons game 's Tavern for ages, and that.

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