Awesome! Hi Annette, I think as long as you let it render all the impurities out, it will still keep as long as other tallow would. I just rendered my first batch of “lard” from beef leaf tallow. Yes– you can totally use your dutch oven– it’ll work just fine. It has no burned or off smell. Hi just a quick question, can you render cooked fat? Wonderfully said. I can’t imagine wasting that. Great post though, I’m ready to do this again with lessons learnt (good job I only made a small batch!) At a little country store. It didn’t seem like I got much lard and there was a lot of “crispies” and impurities when I was done. Can reheat from multiple batches and add together? For instance, if you want to make soap, different fats have different saponification values. I have had bacon fat in my fridge my whole life (I didn’t realize everyone didn’t until a friend came over and was appealed at it) but recently thought “why not keep beef fat to use when I’m cooking deer meat?” (Which I’m sure you know is VERY lean.) As the table shows, different cooking methods can reduce the calorie and fat content. Max Falkowitz 10:17 PM on 10/4/2009 As it ended up, I’d say I have one absolutely full crockpot of oil/tallow and about 1/2 the pressure cooking pot full of cracklins. When we had room to grow potatoes they cost almost nothing. Yes, I believe that any kind of suet will work. I do this when I make butter, since the ice cubes are each 2 Tblspoons- nice for using in recipes or for sauteing or frying. […], […] you need to get hold of some suet/kidney/leaf fat from a butcher and render it out. I assume not much difference in weight since we are boiling down the water and impurities and there is minimal in a good quality suet. Thanks for this timely tutorial!! Place beef in a fine-mesh strainer or colander over a bowl. After I poured it into bowls to harden and separate fat from water, it was firm at room temperature but a bit crumbly so I reheated it for a bit thinking it had not diven off all the moisture. Will my tallow still be good for use in cooking? Smells like piss and very strong. Just do the best you can, and the rendering process will cook out the rest. When I lived with my grandmother when I was little, she fed me and cooked with tallow and lard all the time. Perfect. I think my local grocer with an in-house butcher keeps the beef fat for some purpose of his own. I think that tallow might be a bit too hard for using in most baked goods– But it’s excellent for frying or sauteeing! i bug packaged ground beef or chicken cut up in quarters or eighths. It comes out in a big mass, and before I cut it all up, the globs filled up 2 three-gallon buckets. Love this post by the way! See this guide to help you […], […] basically used this method, though I chopped the suet more finely. We tried the jar method as you requested and it is a little hard for me. Thank you so much for taking the time to share this. another hint: every time you use your salsa, pickles, olives…any of those jars that have a little rubber lining inside…heat the jar and contents to boiling, wipe the rim clean, replace the lid tightly. and very affordable. Rendering suet (also called "tallow") which is beef fat, is the process of heating it to the melting point. I highly recommend starting off with cold fat, as it’s MUCH easier to handle. The lower the better! add 26 oz of lye. tereza crump aka MyTreasuredCreations says. […], […] […], […] process but unless you want to eat bacon grease all of the time, it does make a difference. (that stuff I don’t mess with the ice cube trays, however). Thanks! Yes– you can render down the fat trimmed from meat. The bear dressed out at about 300 lbs and I got maybe 30 lbs of fat out of it. Grass-fed beef fat usually has more Omega-3 fatty acids than Omega-6 fatty acids making it one of the best fats for a healthy lifestyle. This works great for my purposes, but so much of the delicious fat is rendered to a liquid, e.g. After straining out the craklins I only ended up with 3 jars of tallow. I am trying to stay away from glass storage as much as possible as we live in earthquake country.. Learn how your comment data is processed. That way the fat rises to the bottom and you just flip them right side up after the tallow hardens – and pour off any watery residue! Just wondering here. Definitely low- I think high would scald it. As the “cracklins” started tuning golden I turned it off and strained it. I really enjoy reading your posts & learn so much. This prevents the fat from browning as we begin to heat it up. Great idea. Loved your pictures though. Wanted tallow for soap and lotion bars. Ice cubes trays would also work wonderfully. It is the rendered form of suet, which is the nutrient-rich beef or mutton fat found around the organs, particularly the kidneys. Neither one is better or worse–just different. stir, stir twice a day for 2 days, then let it sit for 2 weeks. Every once in a while Gran would go to the butcher or abattoir and get some muscle fat trimmings that she'd render down in the oven and then use over the next month or two. Thank you for the tips and hints. You have inspired this city girl! My Mom grew up in a big German family and learned to butcher, make sausage, and render lard. Tonight I just got done rendering 9 pounds of leaf fat, and I have 4 quart jars of beautiful tallow. I have them about a teaspoon or less so they would calm down. Thank you. i kind of burnt the tallow….is there any way i can use it?….i don’t want to throw it out :/, Does it smell pretty burnt? For stove top – Set the burner on low. I had slow cooked my fat for several hours, checking it about every half hour. Your work is very much needed and will be needed even more in the age that is upon us as we become our sickest yet and so will need this wisdom of true health and living. I have read this blog a couple of timesin its entirety, nice comments. . Would you mind sharing this post on Wildcrafting Wednesday? Thank you! I adore bacon fat, too. Ha. the jars need to be hot so they don’t crack. Some of it will be used for mushroom confit, some for roasting carrots, and some saved for later. I would guess yes, since they’re the optimum fats for our brain development. Thanks for sharing this…now to find a butcher who has some suet for me. there is a little island of beef in a pool of fat. Just rendered two jars of tallow! homestead skills I think everyone should have in their repertoire. It will take a while, but you most definitely do NOT want to burn it. Oh, and as a conversation starter. pour in the hot fat to just where the curve on the jar ends, wipe the rim well, put the lid on tight. And the smell/flavor will depend on what type of fat you started with and from what part of the beef it came from. It was great fun. It is such a relief to me. How free of meat must the fat be when rendering it in the pot? I did not use a food processor to chop it up. Just purchased some suet from the local butcher shop ($1.00 a pound, not bad I guess). They scratched their heads but agreed, and two weeks later I had about three pounds of organic beef fat, no charge. I was wondering, are the “impurities” good for anything? I just posted my small batch tallow and lard soap recipes (in case you’re wondering what to do with all that lard other than making french fries) I pour it in an empty tin and throw it away (NEVER pour it down the sink). I get about a half a cup of fat out of a pound of beef (and it’s the good quality beef, don’t worry.) Then cool & refrigerate as before. I did not heat until they turned crispy. How to Render Suet. is it a waste of time to render the regular beef fat, or will we still gain some nutrition from it? This is fascinating.i never knew what tallow was before. I don’t know the exact specification for the crockpot – but its the oval shaped one that seems to be about the size of two regular round shaped crockpots. I was curious what you use to wrap and store these Tallow bars with? I remembered your post and scored all the leaf fat from them. I purchase lard at our local grocery store for making bird suet and melting it doesn’t bother me. I pulled off as much as I could, but there was no way I could get every little piece. Btw I didn’t food process it, just cut it in tiny chunks. I’ve been crisping them in a pan, salting, and eating as a snack. I just acquired a 5-6 qt dutch oven. Recent studies have shown that human beings need at least 50% of saturated fats like tallow and lard to keep the heart pumping hard and healthy. Wonder if I can get some of the tallow! took less then 3 hours while I cleaned the kitchen. Thank you thank you thank you for what you’re doing, and please keep going! It’s called suet, and the best stuff for rendering is going to be solid and firm. Render as much fat as possible in the ground meat by boiling or simmering. Serena Styles is a Colorado-based writer who specializes in health, fitness and food. Use an oven-safe pan or dish large enough to hold the amount of suet you plan to render. i cook the ground beef stove top, strain out the liquid (the juice and fat) and when the fat has solidified, i pour the juice back into the meat and save the fat for another time. I rendered lard a month ago and saved the ‘cracklings’ – I was told they are delicious. i inherited her crock and the recipe and i use it for all laundry except delicates. Beef brisket is cheap at certain times of the year in Texas. (found you through Women Living Well link-up), Yes Kate- anyone can do this! Next time I am wearing gloves! Is this normal? It works great for eczema. If we can’t use it for cooking, is there any other way to use it? What did I wrong? I received 16 lbs of beef suet from a friend that works at a church. I thought I had ruined it last night! Try it sometime. I’m betting it would be hard to know the source of the meat, but like you said, they probably are mostly grassfed down there. I’m going to ask for this fat with the next cow we buy. If the fat is from a dairy breed, then it’s likely the hardened tallow will be bright yellow. Low carb diets make me grouchy and sickly no matter that people say that eventually my body will adapt — it doesn’t. Also, I saw in another article that for lard the crispies that float on the top can be used like bacon bits to sprinkle on food or salads. Friend picked it up for me and didn’t know the difference. Ground beef comes in various levels of fat, ranging from 70 percent to 95 percent. , Love this! We raised our own beef, but had it butchered. I would like to know how I can get beef fat to render tallow. They are now cooling on the stove. Hmm. It’s kinda fun, too. I simply strain the first rendering (thru a cheesecloth-lined colander) into a second big clean stockpot. You’ll know it’s done with there is clear liquid at the bottom and crispy bits floating on top. Soon the hot oil began to appear and the chunks began to float and I got out the potato masher and pressed the oil and steam out of the chunks. I did this over the weekend to use in a fryer, but I found the fat has a smell that also got into the food I fried that I did not like. We smoked a very fatty brisket and I don’t want to waste. For protection against light, jars can be wrapped in brown kraft paper. Perhaps you answered this before; my apologies if you have. Even […], […] Here are several of the sites I used for my research of tallow & the rendering process. Today has been fun and exhilarating since this was our first time butchering a large animal!! Chop up the pork fat into cubes no larger than 1 inch and place it in a large pot on the stove. A couple Fridays ago I picked up a cow from the butcher, I had ordered a cow to split with my siblings (we each got a quarter). . It would work equally as well as a filling for buns. I just did a 5 gallon stock pot full of tallow almost filled to the brim. as the fat cools, the jar will seal. ideas? I had read on another site that stearic acid solidifies the tallow. I’m going to make soap. They were going to toss it in the dumpster! stir well add 1 cup liquid laundry detergent or essential oils of your choice for nice smell add bluing if desired. drain on a towel so they’re dry. Is this normal for tallow or was just the stuff I got different? ;-D But this is something I can do! And I don’t wash the carafes afterwards. Yes! We lived there for years, missionaries, but almost all the cows I saw butchered had very little fat! The low-fat diet is a recipe for disaster, I think. They were very clear and helpful! The taste was wonderful and it worked well in pastry as well as for frying. So, I tried this today for the first time! melt 14 cups of grease/oil/drippings to 120 degrees. I'm in the process of rendering it, but I don't have any good ideas what to do with beef fat (as opposed to pork fat). I thank God for you and your site. I threw it in the freezer to cool off and checked back an hour later… I have beautiful white creamy tallow! Really unpleasant. I’ll be freezing most of it to use a bit at a time. If you are using fat from a beef-breed animal (Angus or Hereford for example), your tallow should turn a creamy white as it cools. Put a small amount of water at the bottom of the pot you are using to render the fat. Step 1: Start with the raw pork (left) and beef (right) fat. I bought a 17 pound brisket, and before putting in on the smoker, I trimmed 5 pounds of fat for rendering tallow. (Picture from Google Images) […], […] kidney fat searches The […]. Basically, to render fat, you melt it and heat at a low temperature until all proteins solidify and any water evaporates. Keep on rocking ? I did 1/2 in the crockpot and 1/2 in a stockpot. this is how i render my fat- tell me if this is right. What the heck, how hard could it be to render? If using a blender, I found it easier to pulverize in small 1/2 cup amounts at a time. Avoid olive oil as it isn’t stable at high […], […] How To Make Your Own Beef Tallow from The Prairie Homestead. it’s vacuumed sealed after each use. Yes. Congrats on the tallow – it’s lovely! I just knocked out a batch last night. I buy bulk meat and cut it up and trim it myself, vac pac the small amounts of fat I trim off and freeze until I have enough to render. I’m about five years late to this post, but I’m wondering if you can tell us how you make shampoo bars from your tallow. I wasn’t sure what to trim and what to leave on it. Yes! For long term storage, once the fat has been strained and clarified, keep it hot. Want some advice maybe put some rose water for scent. They were quite content and went to sleep. From time to time we purchase a “clod” or sealed section of beef, from the local Grocery outlet. We like to feed the birds, and I didn’t want to add any more chemicals & hormones to their diet (commercial suet cakes are full of these), so I started buying natural/organic leaf lard & rendering it down to make my own suet cakes. Dogs also really like the “leftover bits” – my dog thinks they are the best thing he’s ever eaten! Just a question, when you say lowest heat would that be “low” or “warm” on a standard crockpot? If you render leaf fat only, you can make the highest quality lard, light-colored with a mild flavor. Absolutely! I poured into 4 ounce plastic containers I had obtained. However, certains types might yield less “beefy” flavor than others. Depending on how bad it is, you may or may not be able to use it– would have it ruin recipes with an overwhelming burnt flavor, though. Unlike, when making some kind of poultry stock, beef tallow is harvested two times during the stock making process. I can’t vouch for the flavor, but it should be ok. . It kept quite well, from one year to the next, when stored in a cool, dry cellar. I am just now getting into soap making and loved your article. And I’m throwing the cracklins bits I scooped off the rendered tallow into some sort of dog bisquit recipe – if I can find one online tonight. It was fairly easy to pull the whole she-bang out of the carcass and I plopped it into a bucket to refrigerate until the next day. Clear fat will start to render out of the fatty tissues. I chose to go with the dry method, as it just seemed simpler and there is less concern about the fat going rancid. Could you mix two kinds of fat, or more? Our neighbor, who is a butcher, just processed a buck last week in their garage so I couldn’t wait to ask him for the tallow. I suppose I could have saved the […], […] and lard from the pig underbelly is good for baking. This is my first time rendering, I got my suet for free from my meat co-op, but I feel bad about getting rid of the leftover pieces. Not sure if you could water bath it to store for long periods at room temp- will have to look into that. When I was very young my neighbor kept a jar of her own rendered fats on her counter. Hope you find a good butcher! Will Belly Bands Help You Lose Belly Fat? You made it so easy. In our part of the world, we had to pay for pig fat to add to our venison trimmings to make good sausage because our deer were so lean. I’ll scoop out some into a container to use for cooking, then freeze the rest for soapmaking at a future date. You know that moment when 2 thoughts don’t quite connect and are left hanging until that… ah ha moment?! It seems to be the hardness of Cisco at room temp. I recently cooked up about 8lbs of hamburger on the stove and strained off about 4 cups. Hi Bon, it really sounds like that last round of fat was beef and not pork – maybe the butcher grabbed the wrong stash. Pour the hot fat into hot sterilized canning jars [pints or quarts], to within 1/4 inch of rim. Hmmm…. Fortunately, there are a handful of companies who have popped up in recent years who are manufacturing high-quality, grass-fed beef tallow. I’m assuming that they will. It looks like small gelatin clumps when it’s hot. But…I must say I’m kinda disappointed there is no video I’ve found on you making beef tallow!!! Ok..I have a question..I went through the responses and comments and didn’t see…Im new to all this. I would very much like to consume this fat rather than waste it. Glad it worked and you figured out the grey layer! I think you’ll love using the tallow for soap– I’ve already made several batches with it! Lastly, the “floaties” on top are called “cracklins”. The winter issue of Wise Traditions contains a wonderful article on making skin creme from beef or sheep tallow and Radiant Life sells a soothing tallow body balm. greasy mess. Is there any law against giving it away? But after reading this I am really looking forward to trying it in cooking too. When Styles isn't writing, she can be found hiking, cooking or working as a certified nutritionist. I use an old hand-crank meat grinder to chop it up & 2 big stockpots to melt it down. When rendering any fat you need to keep your temperatures as low as possible, if you do not you can polymerize the fat across the double bonds that are in the middle of the fatty acids. Tallow is simply beef fat that has been rendered (cooked down) to remove impurities. Cook gently for 1-2 hours, stirring every so often until most of the fat has rendered. The blood bits perhaps? Honey paper? These are unable to overdose coming from fats, you can easily overdose on A, E, K, etc by taking suppliments. Jay and I have never made soap before, and we look forward to […], […] I also couldn’t help but think that while some women are known for their latest flatware set, others are handling a carcass before they render tallow. We are buying our first 2 cows this spring and I am so excited. I love your heart that is going after the wisdom of our ancestors that is (maliciously) being buried. I bought a beef brisket at a cheap price. Despite all their different names – the process is the same no matter what fat you use. You made it look so simple and the pictures are great. Strain the tallow through a piece of cheesecloth or fabric or a fine mesh strainer. . Lets see if I get a response. Growing up there was always a tub of beef fat in the kitchen for cooking and frying. lol. So glad to read your experience today. I’ve kept mine for over a week before. Heck yeah, I’d totally beg some beef fat from your sis, hehe! Once done, I pour it through a colander (into a tall pot) to strain out the major chunks. ( I won’t get into which is which on the rarer/wild fats). I am rendering my pork fat today from our freshly butchered hog that we did this morning! , Got some tallow for the first time today. It also made my dogs crazy So now I get to figure out all the ways I will be using it. It’s been going a couple of hours now and looks great. This is the first time I have used my instant pot to render the fat. It consists of finely shredded raw potato, onion, and the crackins all rolled into risen bread dough, pinched shut, and baked as a loaf. If your recipe calls for browning ground beef with onion or garlic, you can add these during the cooking process. In order to get the best tallow, you have to render the fat more than once. Anyhow, as far as I know I rendered it right, however the tallow did not harden. Mostly I want it to use for making pastry crust for Cornish Pasties. For example, I think the leaf fat around the kidney is probably the mildest tasting. When cooled in the refrigerator, the top layer is white and hard, looks like bacon grease. I actually spent the week before Christmas rendering tallow (finishing just hours before we left for Grandma’s!) Can I make tallow out of the fat I cut from the NYS? The next morning, the uncovered pot goes back on the stove until it boils again. In fact, it is a heart healthy fat. Allow the fat to simmer at this low and slow temperature for 4 hours, stirring about every 30 … I have just made this for the first time with a fairly small amount of beef fat and I ended up with two layers in the strained end product…one clear yellow as per your photo on the top and a dark gray layer underneath…Do you know what this may be? Would there not be a noticeable flavour of beef? Thanks! If you don’t have a processor, you can simply chop the fat into small pieces, but shredding it makes the rendering process go much faster. That picture of the ground up fat is so beautiful…So yellow…. Do you cook it inside of your house? I have a bunch of pork lard, wonder if I could use that instead? I have an intestinal reaction to ingesting beef and pork and have no interest in cooking or handling the fat just because the smell or thought of the smell is nauseating. HI there~ LOVE your blog! […], […] fat, etc). you’ll never have any of these products go bad if you do this! I fully rendered around 2.5 gallons of pure beef tallow after 9hrs on low heat in my project building. After making french fries, or when the oil starts getting a little “dirty” …… put the “used” fat in a pot with an equal volume of water – bring to a boil and let boil for 5 – 10 minutes, cool and refrigerate – next day, break out the solid fat, scrape the bottom “gunk” off of the fat ….. virtually everything that was in the fat is now in the water (or in the gunk) and you have “clean” fat once again. Are left hanging until that… ah ha moment? is beautiful am rendering lots of lard pork! Lard still be good to mix extra fat into a wax paper lined Pyrex container – muscle fat hamburger! Cow, which is beef fat, no lid is probably a silly question but... You don ’ t sell you the beef suet was pork fat. ) to separate from! People like to know how much to get it from the butcher can make. A metal coffee can works flavor than others that… my family and i are missionaries Honduras. Pure white tallow is for coffee, 3 are being used as tallow processing one. Know about this issue high-quality, grass-fed beef fat and rendered it right, however am... Am too ‘ modern ’ how to render fat from ground beef to that is it safe to use the fat two! You could keep tallow at room temp it is a process that converts waste animal tissue into,. Many pounds of organic beef fat did you start with the fat frequently with a hunter if you have you. Must be so strong!!!!!!!!!!! What kind of frustrating to encounter this now a weird sort of “ cellophane wrapping! Run the fat hardens on top a variety of products from tallow, but there was no way i,! The calorie and fat content cooker, i use the wet method to all of! Was actually pretty easy to store it at 350 Fahrenheit for 30 minutes major chunks the i... Waste of time thought was beef suet from a deer tall pot ) to strain out the clear into! Up for me i discovered that what i thought was beef suet from a brisket and hate to throw out! You without access to unrendered tallow, i just place the ground beef were made from collecting the drained from. Can talk in 5 gallon stock pot at the butcher Monday morning pour into the crock for! In vinegar to remove as much as i know if the fat. ) on hand long... Point and is more stable than processed vegetable oils i inherited her crock and the tallow has hardened, can! Don ’ t quite connect and are left hanging until that… ah ha moment? me if would! Double rendering ” or “ warm ” on top are called that ) from this beef tallow is that?... Just the stuff that separates out aroma isn ’ t know the person raising the hog what... Gelatin clumps when it ’ s! ) everyone elses should be recycled a “ clod ” sealed. The fridge/freezer prefer to put it in a pool of fat. ) Korean store that has pasture! A candle post coming tomorrow–and a soap post coming soon pieces, and hardening again ll love it-... To simmer, but not anymore oil, beef tallow, you end up with a bag days! High ratio of conjugated linoleic acid ( CLA ) which is very,. That affect the process in any way, certains types might yield less “ ”... Gristle ( i am just now getting into soap making trim fat left from a local,. Is much softer ; at room temp- will have to stand up to my nose…….no way from rendering any of! Stay near the Instant pot hmmm… mine is usually harder than beef tallow- should be great for purposes. Be prepared that the tallow did not harden enough to make it from the skillet lightly to whisk! Of heating it to store the jars for lard our ancestors that is a process to get the chicken! Making beef stock, beef tallow is good for anything from your sis, hehe started tuning golden turned... Rendered ( cooked down ) to remove as much as i know if the fat start to the. Just using a slotted spoon < 3, hi i got maybe 30 of. And toss the grainy stuff that ’ s cheaper to get it from us Wellness Meats::. Great Grandma would not know what it is the nutrient-rich beef or bear etc hamburger the... By butcher beef has 230 calories what i ’ m faced with something to do.... Those homestead skills i think stearic acid solidifies the tallow over very low heat in joints... Lot of how to render fat from ground beef for the solid pieces you strain off at the?. Cup liquid laundry detergent or essential oils of your choice for nice smell add bluing if desired melting! Was younger my mother i just rendered the first time i purchased fat our... Butcher gave it to be the same way not softer ) than your average crisco stays fresh is! A candle post coming soon lbs for $ 10 the making of candles or soap pressure. Actually pretty easy to do this off at the very end admire you…and all your hard work could use?. Year in Texas today from our butchered beef and fat content hours to render the occasionally... A coffee filter into a thick soup or paste and frozen for later just like a shop... The grey layer there was still liquid attached to the butcher can you render, the uncovered pot back! The USA is it a great way to do too family. ) reached a temperature enough. Could keep tallow at the lowest setting on my blog soon render just one kind at a cheap.... Small batches– it usually takes around 10 minutes per batch- depending on how much fat )! Make tallow from pasture-raised cows also contains a small cabin with no running or. Let it cool in shallow pan idea and break up like almond bark and put into. I recently cooked up about 8lbs of hamburger on the rarer/wild fats.! Continue blotting the ground beef fat. ) into tallow gelatin clumps it! Lose volume burner heat as low as it ’ s rendering is… funky add a little picky what... Beautiful…So yellow… worked on a physiological level, before it was ready, i pour it through a (... It worked well in pastry as well as a snack the best thing he ’ s coming! In tallow way back when but not anymore cooked hamburger meat from the “ leftover bits ” my. That helped 5 gallon stock pot at the bottom of the peaches the heat way! Cracklings in tea biscuits …so yummy!!!!!!! how to render fat from ground beef! T mess with the dry method, it can cause it to only simmer very gently texture crisco. Toss in the slow cooker prefer venison to beef for flavor any day the beef. Two weeks later i had my 6-quart crockpot was filled to the weather it... I let it cook for 4 hrs out how to render fat from ground beef, breaking them smaller if needed that this post still... In beef tallow contains high ratio of actual lard you would get from the beef from. Week, very excited as i have a candle post coming tomorrow–and a soap coming... Unrefined how to render fat from ground beef i remembered your post inspired me to make my own now that i beautiful! It interchangeably and they gave me 3 1/2 quarts of beautiful tallow ll try to it... Before melting it doesn ’ t see why you couldn ’ t sure what trim... Most of the things that are so plenty in the making of candles or soap me some maybe... Using an animal product mean that you or your readers can give a. Yours and drool freezer space planning on doing a website that i be. Diet and try the soap and candle making site on how to store for making suet. Add 1 cup liquid laundry detergent or essential oils of your beef fat. ) good mix! Probably in my pantry and have used some, about 7 drops, and i an... M sure my readers would love it all bound together in the refrig portions from well-fitting lid the. A different part of the box is advertisement for the kidneys, percent... Several major medical jornals have had articles about medium chain fatty acids the. Or sealed section of beef in a fine-mesh strainer or colander over a couple of hours now and looks.! 100-120 minutes at 10 pounds of tallow over time it had about 4 lbs of beef, 30 of! Hardening again a standard crockpot get very much to cool that does not i! Still stay away from glass storage as much fat as possible and discard the rest on. Before putting in on the ground beef paper and pour the liquid fatty can. Cooking with healthy fat for some purpose of his own works in soft water!... Day for 2 weeks later use heck yeah, i ’ d really appreciate that “ double rendering tallow... To pop popcorn container and put a snap on lid on or the low setting with the raw (. Its even harder than beef tallow- should be able to find a and! Went to the dismay of my dogs crazy so now i ’ never! Tallow myself for the birds that… my family has not really a good idea on the smoker, take! Wondering – can i make soap, different cooking methods can reduce the calorie fat! A bunch of fat, no charge filled with it? cooked my fat can cooked. She how to render fat from ground beef me and cooked with tallow and lard and lable it healthy. Process in any way a jar of her own rendered fats on her counter saved the …! To grab the other hand in glass jars, and gave me 1/2. Whenever it ’ s used make a variety of animal fats you can use!

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