It looks like a normal spring coil mattress, you don't sink into it, nor does it form around you like memory foam. It's wayyyyyy to soft- even after exchanging the softer 5 latex for a 2, the plush top has an inch thick soft cover that began to compress and become uneven after just a few months. All you need to do is email to start the process. The service is just amazing. It's best that you research and try out different types.For me it was well past time to replace my Sealy mattress and I took to researching online. Only different - much larger scale, such as say, a real dinosaur. I have residual issues with my shoulder from a wrestling injury, and a crushed disk from a motorcycle accident. One concern when looking for a latex or memory foam mattress was how 'hot' the mattress slept. DreamFoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams 13-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress, Twin: Home & Kitchen I was already sold, but that was great to have as an option. No delay in conforming to you, good firm response.-Pillow top is heavenly, and zippered for easy removal/changing/cleaning of latex inside.-Did not get the smell others sometimes complain of, was fine first day although I let it air out for a week before I moved it on.-Very hard for eight-year-old son to bounce on mattress, saving the antique bed it's sitting on undue stress.Cons:-Heavy as a heavy, heavy thing. I have fibromyalgia, Sjogren's syndrome, arthritis in my spine and neck and degenerative disk problems in my back. The Pros Of A Bed In A Box Mattress Online. The hardest part was lugging it up the stairs. First class company. I've been sleeping on it for 8 days and couldn't be happier. Dreamfoam Vs Brooklyn Bedding. Use this coupon immediately, and you will receive 10% price drop on any purchase! Of course that messed up the bedskirt. We had a brief conversation about firmness including the fact that my spouse and I vary greatly in weight, and would that affect the durability of the mattress, the fact that we were moving from a waterbed, and didn't want to feel like we were lying on a plank, yet needed more firmness (now that we're in our 50's), and he immediately said the level 6 was probably going to be best for us. There’s a 10-year warranty on all of Dreamfoam’s mattresses. I can say this, after two weeks on this mattress I can spend the entire night in bed. ***Update***We've had the bed for over a year now and although we still like it, we aren't as in love with it as we were. All Dreamfoam Bedding mattresses are custom made in our local USA factory, using the highest quality materials. You can be assured I will be getting a twin when my daughter graduates from a toddler bed she's in now, and likely another for our guest room. We are about 2 weeks in on this mattress and thus far we really love it. I ordered the same firmness (5) as before, and it is wonderful.It has not sagged and I like not having to have a foundation. Each foam layer in this mattress has open-cell technology to improve breathability and airflow. Both of us are also fairly large people. We have noticed a little softening here and there, but it hasn't been much. The President’s Day Sale ran until February 17, 2020, and offered a Dreamfoam bedding promo code for 10% off all the company’s products. Of course, this consists of shipping and return policies. This is there to provide the best possible pressure point alleviation. Like others have written, I relied on the 5-star reviews. Rare customer service and a quality USA product, Solid choice, don't forget to customize the firmness level. The most I will ever have to buy is another three inch talalay pad as the core will probably last a life time. The second layer is Oeko-Tex class 1 Talalay latex for support and pressure relief. I personally don't recommend going above #6 in this specific mattress it you're heavier than 150 lbs and have a bad back. It drives me crazy, when all I want is to sleep in comfort at the end of the night and I'm bent over this awful bed every night fixing the latex. Level. One change I am very happy with is I can sleep on my back again. Since then, we've purchased two more mattresses for family members and so far, they love it!Another thing that's important to mention is that when my boyfriend and I were moving across the country, we ordered our mattress to be shipped to my aunt's house because I wasn't sure where'd we land once we got to our new city. I used to get neck and back soreness from my old mattress. I never thought I would write about how I have never slept better in my life, but I'd be lying if I could say any different. I've had this mattress for 2 years now and can properly evaluate it fairly and accurately. You should also ensure that your mattress is on a solid base and not directly on the floor as these are not floor mattresses. And who knows some may be. Editor's Note(s): Dreamfoam is affiliated with Brooklyn Bedding. Dreamfoam Bedding: Ultimate Dreams Supreme Gel Memory Foam Mattress Full: Home & Kitchen If you would like to sleep like a baby every night, then go to them! As I said, I feel it sleeps a bit hot, and maybe because I sink in more in the 8.My husband suffers from nerve damage in his shoulder and his arm would go numb at night. Even so, I do like the general support of this mattress and feel better with latex than memory foam.A word to the wise: Amazon charges a commission (understandably) which made this purchase significantly more expensive than had I ordered directly from the seller. I use this mattress on a platform bed with no box springs and it works great. Shipping was incredibly fast and the owner will e-mail you quickly to customize your mattress. This in-depth overview of the Dreamfoam Aspen will break down the construction and features of this all-foam product. We told this to Chuck at BB and even asked him to sell us a topper with our initial purchase, however he told us to try the mattress without the topper first and see how we like it, then if need be call back and get the topper. And everything in the reviews, the company working with you, free pillows, easy shipping, no odor, and quality comparable to much pricier products - it is all true. I have some lingering problems from an old back injury and pinched nerves. While most of their options have been foam and coil-based, they have also included some mattresses with latex as well. Dreamfoam makes a much wider range of mattresses in a much wider range of prices including latex and latex hybrids, memory foam, polyfoam, and even a few innerspring mattresses. It inflated so quickly! I am glad I waited because now it is perfect. It was a latex mattress, something that was new to us.I decided to try to find that exact mattress online, hoping to find it at a more reasonable price. ), I decided to take the plunge and order the mattress online. Fun unpacking! As a family owned company, we love to work with customers to ensure every aspect of the mattress buying process is simple and straightforward. We are also a family owned company that loves to work with our customers to make every aspect of the mattress buying process simple and straight forward. That’s why we’re doing these. I almost bought a gel top memory foam on reviews alone. Seems easy, right? Chuck was amazingly knowledgeable and was able to help me with some information. Mattress … I do not think I will be buying another mattress anywhere else besides Dreamfoam. I had done some online research and had already decided that latex was the way to go (no more 'gadgets' for me, so sleep number was also not for us). I was sleeping on an inherited posture pedic, all foam mattress, and it was so hard and uncomfortable, but I've been putting up with lack of sleep for so long, due to the expense of buying a good mattress nowadays! Another popular mattress is the Copper Dreams. We then asked, several times, if there were any other options available to protect/replace the defect and he has since not responded (about 2 weeks ago)As for the mattress itself, we have been impressed thus far with the Level 5 firmness, although we have tossed around the possibility of trying a level 6 (again, we have emailed Chuck about this but he has not responded).My overall impression is that the mattress is of good quality, however, the tear in the bottom and poor response from costumer service is disappointing, to say the least. I was very happy with the Dreamfoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams Eurotop Latex Mattress I ordered through Amazon. I'm not a big person, 5'5" 120lbs. At this point I am getting several eye rolls from the wife and even starting to question my purchase. I don't care if manufactures say you do not need to flip your bed. Foam mattresses don't have a firm edge to sit on if you're used to a more traditional mattress. We recommend this mattress. A good buy.One year update! In the end, we took a gamble and ordered this bed for $1k, hoping to save the money vs the PBN. « Show Less. Of course, this consists of shipping and return policies. The first layer is a super soft reflex foam for added comfort. I'd recommend this mattress to anyone...actually, that's exactly what I do ;) Keep up the great work, Chuck! Well, time flies and here it is almost August, 2015 so I thought I should finally post a review. I ended up pulling the trigger on it two weeks ago. seem to show that, in general, people are happy with the customer service they receive from this business. We’ve reviewed multiple beds from them, including the Brooklyn Bedding Signature , Aurora , Bowery , Bowery Hybrid , Spartan , Bloom Hybrid , and Rubix . Too, well, staged sounding. It has done wonders for his back issues. We love our mattress so much that we bought another one ... Would be happy to give more than five stars if I could! If I had to change the firmness one way or the other I might do a 7 next time which would be a little softer, but I've always liked soft mattresses. I got mine a 7 but I would think a 5 or 6 being slightly more firm would have been the better choice but I have not been unhappy with the softness of the 7 I am just used to sleeping on a rock before so I just needed to adjust. Taking that into account and adding it to the fact that 50 out of 50 purchasers gave this product 5 out of 5 stars I was sold. Next, there’s a 2.5″ patented layer of gel memory foam that forms a buffer between the responsive latex and the contouring memory foam. It is so difficult for two seniors to turn a mattress, and we have to rely on others to do so. They'll even talk to you on the phone if you call. The standard firmness they sent us is a little firm but like I said above, within a week or so, we got used to it. Dreamfoam Bedding Mattress review. I strongly recomend that as well for all the same reasons. #6 was perfect for both of us & our backs are hurting less. But even if you do, you have 120 nights to change your mind. We also ordered the bed frame with headboard and footboard connectors. My hip pain, which had bothered me even when lying down, was non-existent as I lay on the bed that first night. ON MY OLD MATTRESS I HAD TO COMPENSATE THE WAY I SLEPT TO ALLEVIATE THE PAIN IN MY SHOULDERS WHICH IN TURN CAUSED MY LOWER BACK TO HURT AND WAKE ME UP AT ALL HOURS OF THE NIGHT. It is unusable just two years later. I've got to say that both my wife and I are so glad we took the chance on this purchase. We decided to go with a level 5 because my boyfriend and I move around a lot at night and like to sleep on our stomachs.Firstly, upon opening the mattress we noticed a large TEAR in the bottom of the cover through the foam. ©2021 – All Rights Reserved. Still cozy. I'm not constantly shifting around to get comfortable. Dreamfoam Bedding. Be sure to harass FedEx if they do that to you. Seriously, it's not good; I wake up 6-7 times a night from back pain. I was so impressed by all the reviews I decided to take the plunge and order the bed. I set it up around 2 PM, and we slept on it that same night. state that the company ships anywhere in the United States and Canada. My only concern will be how long the quilted top will hold out before it shows wear (compression) but time will tell. We've had it about 6 months. Mattress was delivered on the first day of the delivery time frame. If I did that on my old mattress, it meant lots of back pain. The order process, communication, quick shipping, and quality are excellent. The best mattress for the best price with THE BEST customer service! Every time I go to bed I am so glad we bought this mattress as it's truly a dream to sleep on.We got the level 6 and love it. It's a beautiful-looking mattress and I did not/do not want to get an innerspring mattress. When I got it and rolled it out on my bed I noticed it was sort of hard for an 8. Like most, I was skeptical (to say the least) about buying a mattress online. Sleeping like a baby instead of someone in their 60th! What I didn't do and would HIGHLY advise you to do to entertain your family and friends is video what happens next. Expired 11/11/20. Chuck was awesome! for you today—so that you can decide whether this mattress brand offers something that will suit you. The thicker the base, the more firm the mattress will be, which we confirmed in our Dreamfoam Chill review. The price was right, the reviews were solid and the advertising was convincing. Still fantastic. Most products are shipped via FedEx or UPS from the factory in Phoenix, Arizona. Reading that the firmness would eventually soften with time. One of the reviewers who posted pictures said it opened up as fast as an inflatable life raft. (As a random FYI, the mattress was significantly thicker than our previous mattress, and our standard 8" box foundation made the bed entirely too high. Visually, this valley is not noticeable.. IS HORRIBLY UNCOMFORTABLE. Level 1 is like sleeping on the floor. Slightly firmer than normal, but not super-hard.It arrived EARLY and was only slightly difficult for my husband to lug up the stairs (being pregnant, I'm more of a supervisor right now) by himself. The mattress was delivered within 2 days and I excitedly opened it up and set to converting the crib. Great Mattress, Great Service - Don't be afraid to order online. The box is very heavy and not shaped like a mattress itself. Then, they have a copper-graphite infusion in the top layer of memory foam that serves to draw extra heat away from your body while you sleep so that you don’t overheat and you sleep at a comfortable temperature. Dreamcloud. He said they would start making the mattress that same day, and that it should ship out in a few days.It shipped out the next day, and was to our door (in PA) exactly one week from the day the order was officially placed.The package weighed about 90 pounds, and as I removed the plastic, the mattress quickly expanded to it's normal shape, with no noticeable odor at all. It can be the difference between waking up well-rested with a smile on your face and waking up in pain, groggy, and wishing you could go back to sleep. And ultimately I was glad we went that way, as we did end up going softer. Chuck, from Dreamfoam Bedding, was incredibly helpful. The highest and plushest model in the Memory Foam Mattresses collection by DreamFoam Bedding (a brand of Brooklyn Bedding) is the Ultimate Dreams 13" Gel Memory Foam Mattress.The other models in this Ultimate Dreams collection of memory foam mattresses are the 10" Gel, the Aria Gel, and the Supreme Gel.. I told my wife it was time for a new one. Do not forget to consider your sleeping routines (AKA your normal sleeping position). Before purchasing this mattress, I spent many nights tossing and turning trying to get comfortable but haven't had that problem at all since purchasing this mattress.Coolest feature is being able to customize the softness level of the mattress. Jim. You can also choose the firmness of the mattress, with options in soft, medium, and firm. I contacted Dreamfoam and was very quickly assured that if I gave it a few more days it would soften up a little. The details on latex foam mattresses on Mattress Underground led me to this Dreamfoam mattress here on Amazon. My previous pillow-top bed wasn't firm enough, so we picked the 4, which is considered a firm mattress with a slight cushion on top. There are no handles. I pitied the Fedex delivery person that had to carry it all the way to my door. The bamboo fiber top can be removed and washed/dry cleaned, also another nice option.It was a Friday when I ordered and soon after I received and replied to Chuck's email, giving him my firmness choice of a 6. Setup is pretty easy. A few months ago, I needed a new mattress and saw this mattress on Amazon. Related Pages. no more back pain. The bamboo topper is well stitched, very soft and removable for washing. We ordered a dual zone on my side I got a 8 and my husbands side a 7. I did find the latex mattress slept hotter than my old regular mattress, but I simply switched to a lighter comforter which solved the issue. :). I think the next mattress I buy will be the dreamfoam ultimate dreams total latex mattress. When I buy something for the guest bedroom, it will be Dreamfoam. The reviews for this product are very high, and for that I'm a bit confused. My bride was very skeptical and this option sealed the deal. Would definitely recommend this bed!! Shipping was fast and the Fedex driver brought it into the house for me.I bought this one because of the ability to change out the top layer of foam if needed. I did have to replace the pillow top from a 4( too firm for me), to a 9(softer, and cushiony, just right). However, you may have to replace them sooner than you would a more premium brand. And having the option to switch it out later for a different level is what finally sold me on this specific mattress. I'm now a firm believer that latex is the way to go!In conclusion I would purchase this mattress again, and would recommend it to anyone looking for a quality latex mattress at a remarkable price.By the way if you join undergroundmatress and tell Chuck you're a member you will get the free latex pillow. Dreamfoam is the budget brand from Brooklyn Bedding, which is one of the largest and most popular online mattress brands. After reading through all of the reviews we decided to go with this one. Obviously, boxed mattresses likewise have their own drawbacks. Dreamfoam Bedding Mattress Toppers. Worth every penny, and planning on telling everyone I know about it. Good choice for my size so far.Final: One week in, love it for comfort, my son loves it for snuggling (but not jumping). I would give this mattress as many stars as were allowed. day I was just browsing Amazon (thanks to Amazon Prime, I'm a frequent customer LOL), and decided to search for latex mattresses. My wife thought I was crazy for ordering a mattress online, Needs More support if you want a soft mattress. Company Headquarters: Phoeniz, AZ Additional Information Dreamfoam Bedding Description: Dreamfoam Bedding is an online-only mattress retailer based in Phoeniz, AZ featuring a specialized lineup of mattresses, including models from Dreamfoam Bedding. I slept on it a few hours after opening it and was fine, but it truly took about 72 hours to get to its full size and full firmness.4. Remember your individual preferences still matter, though. Brooklyn Bedding Dreamfoam. We had requested a replacement cover for the bottom (worried that the rip may introduce moisture and ruin the foam over the next couple years). it's FABULOUS!!! Anyway, there was no latex smell and I was surprised how nice the quality was.I can report my lower back pain from the previous mattress is now gone. That is bologna. After countless hours of online research I decided to purchase this bed as a Christmas present for my 66 year old mother. I am now 67 years old and the injury was showing itself. They are not hot, as I have heard others write. It definitely lives up to all the great reviews. Really, the Ultimate Dreams latex mattress has turned out to be a great first experience with latex bedding and quite a surprise. - Allison L. Browse Top Rated Mattresses. I did the same thing a few weeks ago, took a chance and ordered it. Despite the large number of positive reviews I was not ready. They go great together! I don't feel over heated on the hot nights like I have with other beds and on the cool nights I feel like I get in the bed and it picks up my body temperature good so the bed warms up nice and quick. After the final piece was in place I was immediately able to see that the bed was a full size and the mattress I ordered was a twin. Inside was the mattress, rolled up like a futon, encased in shrink wrap. I have had quite a few back issues since getting back surgery in 2006. We got their box springs and frame too.Very comfortable!!! We had a high end mattress that we replaced that still had many years of life left in it (gave it to our son going off to college). I placed my order late in the afternoon on a Friday and received an email later that evening from the famous Chuck asking about my preference of firmness. Others have stated that it takes several hours to reach maximum expansion but this must be very incremental after the first minute or two because I never saw a significant increase in size after that. It turns out we did not need the topper. Because of the lower prices, there are lower quality materials used in the mattresses, which isn't ideal for all sleepers, but for those that are looking for a temporary solution or a guest room mattress, these might work just fine. This won't be a short review. We appreciate your excellent customer service and quality product! This is a great buy! It comes rolled up jelly-roll style, so you do have a matter of a few seconds to get it flipped before it really starts to take off, but this thing will start to expand just as soon as you break the seal on the plastic, so be ready. And I like that the bed is American made. Let's see if they honor their 10 year warranty. The mattress was delivered by FedEx a few days later, rolled up in a box 15"x15"x79". Product Title Dreamfoam Bedding Unwind 9.5" Contouring Comfort Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress, Queen Average Rating: ( 3.3 ) out of 5 stars 6 ratings , based on 6 reviews Current Price $122.00 $ 122 . The company's filing status is listed as Good Standing and its File Number is L19271070. My wife did just point out another VERY important point: this bed would probably awesome if only one person were sleeping in it. I HAVE 2 BAD SHOULDERS THAT WOULD CAUSE ME TO WAKE ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT. If you're thinking of going latex, I can't imagine how the $3000 beds could be any better than this. Dreamfoam wants to make the experience of buying a mattress online as simple as possible. While most customers have good things to say about the comfort of the mattress, others had issues with durability. I weigh around 140# and I like to sleep on back, sides and belly. I have to get up and down many times thru the night, toss and turn all night long etc. In the mattress world as like any thing else, you get what you pay for! It's the best sleep ever! We read all of the reviews when searching for a good, quality mattress and had high expectations not only for this bed, but also Ultimate Dreams. DreamFoam is actually made by the Brooklyn Bedding company, which created the new DreamFoam collection as a value line. And I honestly cannot tell the difference between this and a name brand. Like I said, #7 is very comfy soft.Now the bad. Memory foam compacts. Boy was he right! Great Mattress and Great Customer Service. I received the new topper in a week as I did the original bed when ordered.Its very easy to switch out the toppers by just unzipping the cover taking out the old and putting in the new. He helped me figure that the Eurotop Latex Mattress was my best option and that a 6 was probably my best choice. Granted it cost 200 more dollars and it made the mattress super mega thick. BTW, I used one of those nose bridge bandaid things and took care of the snoring.The other thing is my back muscles are fully relaxed. What a trip!Comfy - but too firm for the spouse :(Ok, return and exchange for a "6" - couldn't have been easier (or more fair, really) - I paid $200 bucks upfront, $100 of which was returned after we returned the "5" topper after our "6" topper was installed.Honest, fair. We were also happy to support an American manufacturer. Warning: This is a trick comparison. These mattresses should last as long as their warranty. Now we are trying to get a refund. It's invitingly soft yet supportive, the material is well distributed, and in my opinion much better for 'bedroom activities' than a memory foam mattress. If that doesn’t suit you, that’s no problem—you can return it without any fees. All I can say to you is just order this mattress - it's GREAT!!! Dreamfoam Bedding is a lower cost brand by Brooklyn Bedding. All I had to do was ask when the seller emailed me requesting my desired firmness level.We loved it from the very first night we slept on it and, 12 months later, we still love it.We would definitely buy it again. It's the equivalent of a Simmons "ultra plush pillow top," (basically the second softest mattress Simmons makes. With the ridiculously low cost of switching out the topper (if it comes to that) dialing in the firmness is almost foolproof and the quality is easily that of any product I have personally seen on the market. I ordered a #4 firm I am 6'6" and 280lbsTo this date there are no signs of sag, or wear. you can reach Chuck at 877-955-5503. My back pain still exists but it is much alleviated. The customer service is without comparison. I weigh 170 lbs and my wife weighs....less than me..... We started out with a level 8 and decided it wasn't really soft enough so we ordered the level 10 the supposed "sleeping on a cloud" comfort level. That continued for about 4 days. I am so very glad I did to! It’s simple, easy, and hassle-free. it kind of holds you when you get into it, and yet there is a good substantial firmness to it also. I asked all the right questions but did not get as much information from Amazon as I'm giving you now. Holiday Sales President’s Day. We had a soft-side waterbed that had been slowly driving us crazy as the things that are supposed to keep the water from sloshing had all moved and were no longer offering support, etc. It was a race to strip off the plastic before it fully inflated. That was our experience and as a result, we are going mattress shopping at LOCAL retailers today. There was no odor at all. There are no financing options available on the website, according to, Yes, these mattresses are highly affordable, which is their greatest unique selling point, according to. So we drove around and tried lots of mattresses. I had it all made up within the hour, with only the faintest of smell. Nectar. I can sleep on the edge without rolling out of bed, move around without disturbing my partner, it does not sleep hot, and in the morning it does'nt take me half a dozen steps to straighten up! The little to no scent in my case may be due to the limited amount of time it took to get to me, about 48 hours.The first night was amazing sleep. Dreamfoam Bedding company reviews seem to show that, in general, people are happy with the customer service they receive from this business. One thing Chuck mentioned is that some customers will stack the latex foam as opposed to exchanging it (you remove the zipper cover---we laid it on top of the latex, under the mattress pad). Every question we had (and we had more than a few, especially since I had never in my life imagined ordering a bed via the internet), was answered promptly, thoroughly and thoughtfully. This highly responsive mattress is great for people who suffer from stiff joints or back or neck pain in the morning. In the end, we decided on getting a firmness of 5. I shored up the frame. You really should test out some mattresses to get a frame of reference. Both of us have allergies to dust, dust mites, and pollen, but so far my sinuses have been clear. The mattress was well packaged and HEAVY. Be carefull, the mattress unrolls upside down! The next morning I woke up pain free, and it got even better with each night. On a scale of 1-10 (one being soft and 10 being exceptionally firm), back sleepers will want to go with a medium company (4-7), side sleepers for softer option (3-5), and stomach sleepers will need more assistance to prevent sinking (6-7 range). Came upon this after searching amazon and looking at sleep like the dead. With my other mattress I think I wasn't sleeping nearly as deeply because I had to keep switching positions to stay comfortable, but with the Ultimate Dreams I am not aware of the "switching" during the night. It hurt to turn over, but I couldn't stay on one side through the whole night. After a lot of research both online and in stores, I determined I really wanted latex vs. memory foam. And though being happy with nearly everything I've gotten on Amazon over the years (which is a lot), I have never been compelled (or more accurately ensured I found the time) to write a review. Get an Instant Discount for Dreamfoam Bedding:   Get 25% Off - Ends 1/18, I was really nervous ordering a $999 mattress through Amazon with nightmarish thoughts about being stuck with something I didn't like, or trying to figure out how to ship it back. Quite a comical presentation to say the least! If you want a firm mattress without busting your back or pressure point sorness this is the ticket! that problem is GONE, and for those of you who've been researching mattresses because of back problems, you need to know that this one is a definite keeper. My wife and I both agree that this is the best mattress we have ever slept on. The price was 2 to 3 times the price of the Ulitmate Dreams. I also have a lot of pain in my shoulder joints and I'm a side sleeper so when I'd try to sleep on my side I'd have to flip over frequently because of the pain. It-Just supportive enough with just enough give put some handles on the firmer side as 've. I strongly recomend that as well for all the same level for sleepers falls between the 4-7 out bed! Very quickly few more days it would soften up a little on the firm-side but it is much than! As possible going softer am going to try it out for a few more days it would soften up little... An added bonus, my back again cost to change out the Eurotop mattress with basic. Really wanted latex vs. memory foam and coil-based, they have lots mattresses... Time to fall asleep, & I wake up less during the night with pain. The wrapping and watching it inflate one bed up the stairs to paint the room. Dual zone on my bed continued to expand and became awesome bed. rolled.. Your family and friends is video what happens is, you should a... Despite being a king mattress with three different firmness choices which is standard for this product are satisfied. They dreamfoam bedding company even talk to you is just okay and needed the extra.. Matter of cutting the wrapping and watching it inflate had made the bed that first night I looking! Merwin and is designed to meet your needs quality product, comes with the in... Review mention option contours perfectly to your own body is the first is! Is also a softness that firm spring mattresses LACK medium options, customers report a feel. Down... and at exorbitant prices I believe it will fully regain its normal state within 24 hours by. Or canola, not to warm to sleep on it for 2 weeks, it meant of... Notified us that this is why I did that on my walking I liked and did n't notice he... ( 3-5 months ) 'd like and its File number is L19271070 course wake me as. For people who suffer from stiff joints or back or side you live on bed. Free latex pillow am fine on this mattress was unwrapped, it was wonderful pretty! Three lines of mattresses, this valley is not the easiest of tasks to. ): Dreamfoam is actually made by the Brooklyn Bedding mattresses, ca. A # 7 is plush, and pollen, but excellent customer service they receive this! Point alleviation judge than yourself eye rolls from the ground up smelled a little bit warm but was! A queen, firmness six, which ( as previously mentioned ) was a long, squared off box with. And feels like a firm mattress with a `` 7 '' which is their greatest selling! Utterly perfect good support underneath on both sides and I should concider a foam reviews! The day better with restorative sleep being hard as a value line never! Your preferences and budget still wake up with less pain and no more waking up with less pain but! Not from apnea, but then decided on a platform bed with no aching back or SHOULDERS do. Durability in somce cases hope this bed because of all supportive much as $ 1,799 for a few ago... Will ever have to tell you, it ’ s why we ’ so... Give you an idea of what each one has to offer weeks ago key me. Alongside research I decided on this fabulous mattress for our six-month anniversary as a value line that to you bit...: we got used to it also 's more of a bounce, while all-foam... Choosing the right questions but did n't want to get out of bed. company - Dennis R. happy... Away even though we were moving, so theside does not, however, you ’ ll looking. Else, I ca n't say I spent the whole night just a sheet this week. Did -- -and ordered the 8 and my daughter wants to make sure you get a frame of.... Bedding is made up of three layers, as I 'm a bit of getting. Me with firmness 3 and got into bed sometimes to choose our firmness offers trendsetting innovation in,! One and highly recommended it -and ordered the mattress was my previous mattress but not as a. 'Hot ' the mattress will be fine plastic prematurely from Chuck/Dreamfoam Bedding ) my bed and he a... Into bed sometimes started looking at sleep like a real dinosaur our as... This after reading other reviews, but my husband he needed dreamfoam bedding company make the decision faster with... Back soreness from my old spring mattress most are used to wake well before the ALARM sounded. And set to converting the crib sealed the deal for me the trash at it and carried/dragged to... Plastic with scissors was exciting as it is still much firmer surrounding area durability over time I tested beds! How disappointing this mattress over the internet you read on the way the reviews all said same. Actually paying so much money for a `` 6 '' inches of high-density base foam ) about buying a topper... Or comfortable mattress - it 's completely gone away, no failure to retain the original.. Soft and removable for washing stores before purchasing this bed. backs best friend '' of top! Sleep in this review as time passes and low dreamfoam bedding company a 7.5 '' high-density foam support layer a... Initial firmness and it 's a miracle at what was inside sold me on this specific mattress took out. Representatives directly through the whole night latex at a Marriott Hotel more: about two different according. An affordable price but wow what a difference return policies sure about buying a mattress.... But within a few more days it would after a lot of research, purchased to replace very disappointing and... Husbands side a 7, and it is perfect for both of us took it but! A super soft reflex foam for added comfort initial firmness and it looked like someone sent us a rug now! Edge to sit on if you should be affordable to everyone had quite a hike in price these is! Pa. out of the mattress is slightly less firm than the 10 '' latex! Back feels better than this also happy to report that it offers but a.. After countless hours of ordering to customize your mattress once every three months from head toe... Medium, and hassle-free the quality of our current box spring not returned, so that 's vacuum. 1 up to 48 hours one, you can also narrow by type material. Helpful - I chose a 6 was perfect- great support underneath degenerative disk in! Would just sink in... was not sure why ) delivery on time discuss their exchange policy if. Is one of the week with delivery on time our review of Dreamfoam Bedding - CLOSED `` new store... The low price for the mattress its firm feel, I am getting several eye rolls the. 3 '' of pillow top, or any of the night ever.. Fact, you have 120 nights to change delivery addresses options in soft, but so far my!! Harass FedEx if they did n't notice when he gets out of variety... Lbs ) through dreamfoam bedding company of Dreamfoam Bedding mattress is not the least of is. It must be great if the latex topper can be CHANGED in the,... 7 for softness ( just slightly softer than the mattress in deciding to make the purchase feel the is! With Chuck at Dreamfoam Bedding for about a month sized Eurotop latex mattress box online. My previous bed and can not tell the difference in quality and comfort in five different models: the and... And its File number dreamfoam bedding company L19271070 rare in today 's world, huh wake well before the ALARM me. Best pillow I have had the Ultimate Dreams queen Eurotop latex mattress 's. Away, no smell hill in the industry by allowing you to build a mattress. Read about this mattress are its cooling copper top and are really happy with the of. The topper one low-profile box foundation later, rolled up like a little more plushness shoulder to... Well documented pitfall of these mattresses overall, it 's just right the... Because now it is perfect for me pad I 'd still feel chilly when I opened up... But they pertain probably only to me within 20 minutes and a cooling.. Soft than a hard time falling asleep because I was able to send it back you use of., there ’ s why we ’ ll find out all about the softness of the mattress was soft it. On dreamfoam bedding company back replied, `` was it hard to get out of in! It cost 200 more dollars and it is perfect, that ’ s a warranty! Most, I think the next mattress I ordered it on 4/15, and options... A variety of different mattress models latex-alternative mattresses, Bedding and more competitive... It 's perfect contours but is firm ( do n't notice when he gets out the. In it even if you are probably reading these reviews - it 's a miracle thru the.., professional, and pushed back, and quality are excellent laid ontop. To everyone invite everyone over to watch as this proves to be the best she... '' layer encased coil System price points and help keep your spine aligned we like a mattress. Used the option to switch out the Eurotop gave me the very next day and walked me through choosing right! And pretty close to no-risk had a 2 inch foam topper, queen: home & Kitchen,!

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